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New Hero Search Eugene Crum
- Apr. 03, 2013 -

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Mingo County Sheriff's Office Patch
Resided: Williamson (Mingo County)
Born: Dec. 24, 1953  
Fallen: Apr. 03, 2013
Race/Sex: Caucasian Male / 59 yrs. of age
Dept: Mingo County Sheriff's Office - WV
72 E 2nd Avenue  
Williamson, WV   25661   USA
County: Mingo
Dept. Type: County/Police
Hero's Rank: Sheriff
Sworn Date: 1/2013
FBI Class: Homicide - Ambush
Weapon Class: Firearm
Agency URL: Click Here
Badge: 700
On The Job: 12 years
Bio: Sheriff Crum has served as sheriff of Mingo County since January. He had previously served as a magistrate for 12 years and also with the Delbarton Police Department.


Mingo County Sheriff Eugene Crum was remembered for his warmth, kindness and dedication to tackling Mingo County's pervasive drug problems.


County Circuit Judge Michael Thornsbury recalled the day he went looking for Crum more than a decade ago when the judge needed to find a chief magistrate. He tracked down Crum at a bowling alley and swore him into office right there.

Crum stepped down as magistrate in January 2012 in order to seek the sheriff's job. Before winning that job, he was appointed by the prosecutor's office last August as a special investigator for drug enforcement.

Thornsbury said under Crum's short watch as sheriff, the county saw 57 felony convictions, and state Delegate Harry Keith White, who campaigned with Crum last year, said there were more indictments under Crum than the county had seen in the past eight years.

Thornsbury said Crum loved going to Mingo Central football games with his grandson, hanging out with family at his backyard pool and going fishing during the summer on his pontoon boat. But his dream was to unite the sheriff's department.

"It was his destiny," Thornsbury said. "When you think about it, many of us don't get the chance to live our dreams. He did."

hornsbury said Crum went after drug dealers and buyers "not for the glory of arrests but because, he said, 'I've been to too many funeral homes. I've been to too many wakes. I've seen too many crying families. I've seen too many lost.'

"He wanted to do something about it. He wanted to rid the scourge."

County Commission President John Mark Hubbard said Crum wanted to make a difference, and he did.

"And shame on anyone in this room within the sound of my voice who will not make sure that the change that this man laid his life down for does not continue," Hubbard said, drawing loud applause.

Survived by:
Rosie - Wife
That night, she was sworn in as Sheriff at the county courthouse, meaning that she'll serve at least through the remainder of her late husband's term, with an election set for 2014.

Eugene "Bub" Crum - Son
Julie - Daughter
Fatal Incident Summary
Offender: Tennis Melvin Maynard :: Caucasian / Male - 37 years old
A search of Mingo County court records show no criminal arrests or civil cases involving Maynard. His only citation involves failure to wear a seat belt, according to the records.

On Thursday, a source with knowledge of the suspect's past told CNN that Maynard had spent time at a state hospital for mental health issues within the past couple of years.

Weeping and shaking, his mother, Olgie Maynard, confirmed as much, saying her son was institutionalized for about a week three to four years ago.

"He went crazy," Olgie Maynard told CNN, explaining her son hadn't been the same since he was involved in a workplace explosion five or six years ago in Alabama. "He was out in the yard yelling. We called the police, and they took him away."

Since then, she said Tennis had gotten more psychiatric help at another mental health center. At home in Ragland, where he lives with his parents, he mostly stayed in his bedroom and watched television.

"He talks a lot to himself," Olgie Maynard said. "... He was never violent."

She added that Tennis Maynard "has guns, but I don't know one from another."

On Thursday afternoon, he was recovering in a hospital bed. According to the state police spokesman, Maynard is expected to survive.

He's already facing at least two serious charges: first-degree murder for Crum's death and attempted murder for firing on a sheriff's deputy.

   Pic 1    
Location: Courthouse   Williamson, WV   USA   Wed. Apr. 03, 2013
Summary: Sheriff Eugene Crum was shot and killed near the Mingo County Courthouse in Williamson at about noon. Sheriff Crum was eating lunch in his vehicle while conducting surveillance on a suspected illegal pharmaceutical operation. A vehicle pulled alongside and a subject exited the vehicle and shot Sheriff Crum four times at point-blank range.

The suspect fled the scene and crashed during the pursuit near Hell Creek. He was shot after pointing a firearm at a pursuing Mingo County deputy and was then apprehended.

Disposition: The Mingo County Grand Jury convened on Monday of April 23, 2013 with Cabell County Circuit Court Judge Paul T. Farell presiding on special assignment regarding the indictment of Tennis Melvin Maynard, the Delbarton resident accused of fatally shooting Sheriff Eugene Crum on April 3, and attempting to kill a deputy.

Maynard was charged with murder, attempt murder and fleeing. trial is pending.

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